About Us


We are a small and dedicated company looking to provide the best quality spares and exceptional customer experience. Founded in 2010 we have quickly taken the top spot in the Industry by offering not only great components but also delivering on service.

We have a dedicated team customer service staff who are monitoring emails, phones and live chat and will be happy to assist in any aspect of your pre or post-sales query, we also have team of technicians who repair devices all day every day who we often have help our customers.

As well as a strong service team we have a sourcer who can get just about anything and tailor orders to your specification and a team of 4 warehouse staff who use the latest systems to ensure your order arrives correct, quickly and safely.

On average we send around 1000-2000 components every day from our warehouse, our customers are DIY repairers, independent repair shops and large corporations – whatever your needs we can accommodate.
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us, the business and our journey.

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